About Us

Welcome to BabySofte!

We are a family owned business passionate about creating baby products that are versatile and useful as they are beautiful. Parenthood is a blessing, however it can be very overwhelming, that's why we believe in simplicity. Everything started a while ago, when our first baby Elizabeth came to this world. She inspired us, she made us understand how important is to have the right baby products at the right time. Starting swaddling Elizabeth was a good habit, it made her sleep better and  longer, soon after she became more calm and more happy. And happy baby means happy parents. Breastfeeding was another challenge at the beginning, but we made it throw and moms know that is so worthy to do it. At BabySofte we strive to create quality, beautiful and useful products that can make your parenthood smoother, enjoyable and a special time!

We do anything that safely makes your baby comfortable while making your life easier equals a well done job for us. Customers are our priorities, we try to do our best in bringing you the best experience, your satisfaction makes us happy!